1/09/2011 - From August 25 - 29th, IAMIC participated at the Forum for Young Leaders: The Language of Art & Music "A Three Piece Puzzle: The Relationship between Culture, International Relations and Globalization"

"A Three Piece Puzzle" is an international Conference taking place in London from August 25th - 29th, 2011 to explore the relationship between culture, international relations, and globalization through a program of workshops, lectures & discussions, debates, film screenings, art exhibitions, performances and cultural activities. The event will bring together artists and practitioners from the fields of culture, literature, and music, that will share their perspectives alongside renowned academics and leading figures from international politics, diplomacy, civil society, and the public sector. The audience will include scholars and academics, students and young professionals, artists, diplomatic and political representatives, representatives of civil society, and other interested stakeholders.