IAMIC 2017 Annual Meeting joint with the 7th European Forum on Music

On 2017 the IAMIC Annual Meeting, Conference and General Assembly will take place in Cyprus in the pitoresque city of Paphos (or Pafos) (European Capital of Culture), 9-11 June, together with the 7th European Forum on Music.

For the first time the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) and the European Music Council (EMC) combine their annual conferences and join forces with their partners in Cyprus for a unique event.

This collaboration will bring together more than 100 representatives of music organisations from Europe and all over the world, representing different music genres and areas of music life, to exchange with each other, be inspired and plan future co-operations.

The title of the conference is "Music and cultural diplomacy: Linking Continents – Bridging Cultures".

The objective is to look at how civil society initiatives engage in this field of “music and cultural diplomacy” and how music can build bridges and be a tool for peace and social cohesion. Also to highlight the relevance of music to topics within and beyond European boundaries, including global values and fundamental human rights. 

The programme will include keynote presentations by experts, business sessions, success stories, panel discussions and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, new perspectives and the professional skills development of participants. The event will be accompanied by an inspiring, rich and diverse musical programme. 

The preliminary programme for IAMIC members is:

  • Friday 9 June,
    • 12:30 - 14:00 Registration and lunch
    • 14:00: Opening of the 7th Forum on Music
    • 18:00: Welcome reception and evening programme
  • Saturday 10 June:
    • 9:30 Forum/conference sessions and lunch,
    • 18:00 Evening programm, Forum Reception, IAMIC concert
  • Sunday 11 June:
    • 9:30-13:00 Forum/conference sessions,
    • 14:00-18:00 IAMIC General Assembly.
    • 20:00 IAMIC Farewell dinner, IAMIC bar

Practical information: Paphos (PFO) has its own airport with direct flights from London, Manchester, Moscow and Greece. Otherwise, Cyprus main airport is Larnaca (LCA), 1:30' hours by bus from Paphos.

Suggestions for accommodation will be announced soon.

Co-Organizers: IAMIC, EMC, Cyprus Music Information Centre, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, Pafos Cultural City of Europe.

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